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Just One Serving:
NY Style Cheesecake

Is it worth 10 minutes to make your own personal, fresh-from-the-oven cheesecake? Yes, yes it is.
I love anything miniature, but I don’t have the time or patience to make 48 little anything. And a cup of yogurt with graham crackers mixed in a mug does *not* satisfy my craving. Read more…


Chocolate Zabaglione Cakelets

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Holy Cannoli Cupcakes

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Shortbread Cups with Chocolate Cream

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Any Berry Assemble-Yourself Shortcake

For me, there is no summer without strawberry shortcakes. This is the best homemade recipe you will find anywhere because it’s adapted from the best of the best. And the build-your-own twist means everyone gets it exactly how they wanted it!
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Rocky Road Cupcakes

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Lemonita Granita

In America, we have snow cones—hard pebbles of ice soaking in artifically flavored, neon-colored “juice.” In Italy, they have granitas—soft flakes of frozen water and fruit. Perfect for summer, the Italian dessert can be made in just 2 hours, no noisy machines required.
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