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Q: Do fiction books have a different process?
A: Yes. Your entire book needs to be completed, so you’re not going to write a book proposal. Instead, you’re going to write a summary page and turn that in with the first couple of chapters. To your agent. I would never send an unsolicited manuscript directly to a publisher because they might not legally be allowed to read it, and if they do, you’re not really legally protected.

You’ll go through the same process of finding an agent, but the work sample you’ll send is the summary and first few chapters. If they want to see more, they’ll ask you for the whole manuscript.

Q: Do you have a manager? Do I need one or just an agent?
A: I do not have a manager. Most authors I know don’t either. If you’re really huge, I’m sure they’re helpful for things like booking you for sponsorships with major brands, for instance. But most writers just want to write. If you’re not likely to get a major endorsement deal, then you’re paying a manager an EXTRA 20% of everything you make for no reason.

Q: I’ve written a children’s book but I need illustrations. Is it true that publishers don’t like when you find your own illustrator? What if I want to self-publish?
A: Yes, it’s true that publishers don’t like packages of authors and illustrators; they like to pair you up themselves. They have stables of illustrators they work with. That said, if you’re going to self-publish, you need illustrations! Thankfully there are tons of ways to find illustrators online now. I found some in the past on Etsy. Or you could try As far as being able to afford one, for self-publishing you might want to think about a profit-sharing deal with the illustrator so you don’t have any upfront costs.

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