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How to Cook with “The Pizza Herb”

Aside from tons of vitamins and nutrients, oregano also has more concentrated antioxidants than blueberries, has antibacterial properties that will help keep your entire system healthy (even protecting you from other germs on other foods), and actually counts as a… Continue Reading →

The Definitive Guide to Buying Olive Oil

All About Rosemary: How to Plant it, Pick it & Cook with it

The evergreen needle does more than just smell amazing and make food delicious. It has numerous anti-inflammatory properties that also help the immune system, improve blood flow, and aid in digestion. Researchers believe rosemary also helps improve concentration, and could… Continue Reading →

Using a Pastry Blender

Am I the only one who had no idea how to use a pastry blender when she first started baking? The number of ways I tried and failed and ended up with flour all over my counter and myself… I… Continue Reading →

How to Measure Dry Pasta

If you’re measuring out dried pasta into the pot and don’t know how much you need, consider the average girl eats about one cup of cooked pasta. You’ll need half that much of the dried pasta, so pour in a… Continue Reading →

Fear of Frying

“Fried food” just sounds unhealthy, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re using a heart-healthy oil like olive oil, and cooking at a high enough temperature, there’s no reason to be afraid of getting out your skillet.

What Exactly Is a “Canola”? (Hint: It’s not a vegetable…)

Canola oil is often advertised as being as good as, or even healthier than, olive oil, but I’m not buying it (seriously, I’m not buying it). Olive oil is cleanly pressed. Canola oil, like all the other “vegetable” oils, is… Continue Reading →

Which Kind of Cooking Tomatoes?

Unless they’re in season at your local farmer’s market, fresh tomatoes aren’t always the best choice for cooking. In fact, even the on-season fresh ones in chain grocery stores sometimes aren’t in great shape. Canned tomatoes are an excellent choice… Continue Reading →

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