I have one rule for Mother’s Day: homemade gifts only. My kids are kids; they don’t have a lot of their own money, and the little they do have, I don’t want them to spend on me. And I don’t want them to spend my money on me especially when they think everything in the Dollar Store is magic.tagxedo

Over the years, they have made me my favorite foods, decorated my door, painted me rocks, made me nature art, all kinds of wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful gifts that I cherish. And they always make me handmade cards.

This year my 12-year-old made her card for me on the computer. She used a site called Tagxedo to enter whatever words she wanted, picked a shape and colors, and they turned her sentiments into art. She listed all the people that love me. How sweet is that? I love it!

Tagxedo is free and super easy to use. You can keep words together, choose the frequency of certain words, use punctuation marks, change the font, use a custom font, and even make a word cloud out of your tweets or blog RSS feeds. After instantly creating your image, Tagxedo lets you choose high-quality outputs for printing or saving. You can then upload your custom word cloud image to a photo sharing site and have it printed on anything: a coffee mug, a tote bag, a t-shirt… You could use it to make your own invitations, to make a birth announcement poster, labels for your canned goods, fun menus for a dinner party… the possibilities are endless!

Tell me: how have you used Tagxedo or how would you?

Tagxedo: www.tagxedo.com